Academic Privatization,LLC


Who is AP?

Academic Privatization, LLC is a student housing developer which has a staff of professionals skilled in the full range of relevant disciplines including master planning, strategic planning, market research, feasibility analysis, programming, design, construction administration, financing, marketing, and operations to assume all risk of real estate development.

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What services does AP provide?

Academic Privatization, LLC develops student housing projects on behalf of institutions of higher education by providing a team capable of accomplishing: planning, design, financing and construction. AP accepts all risks for the development of the student housing community. Most of our communities are on university campuses, and 90% utilize tax-exempt, off-credit bond financing.

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What is AP's experience?

AP secured the first privatized ground lease for housing in:

  • The University of North Carolina consolidated system
  • The University of Kentucky consolidated system, and
  • The University System of Maryland, funded with bonds rated as Investment Grade.

AP has had repeat development business at 90% of state universities where it has completed an award. AP has received awards for over half of its housing communities. AP has never missed a deadline or a budget. AP's communities are all over 95% leased. The VPs on every single campus where AP has worked will provide a favorable and positive reference.

What can AP do for you?

Academic Privatization can:

  1. Act as developer and assure bond financing for Student Housing owned by 501c3 or other entity for the benefit of the University on land ground leased from the University,
  2. Develop and own off-campus student housing located adjacent to a college or university campus,
  3. Act as developer and assure financing for research facilities owned by a 501c3 or other entity for the benefit of the University on land ground leased from the University,
  4. Develop and own research facilities located adjacent to a college or university campus or on a site ground leased from the University,
  5. Act as developer and assure bond financing for Parking Deck Facilities owned by a 501c3 or other entity for the benefit of the University on land ground leased from the University,
  6. Consult or act as developer for recreational facilities which may be funded similarly to off-credit student housing and funded from student fees,
  7. Manage Student Housing Communities or Research Facilities.

* Developer means conceptualize the facility, manage all aspects of design, financing and construction, and coordinate all development activities as agent for the benefit of the owner. It can also mean construction manager at risk acting as agent for the benefit of the owner.

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